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Accelerate Your Portfolio
Contact The Conley Financial Group to learn how to awaken your financial portfolio.  Do you leave money parked in mutual funds or 401k investments?  Learn how to put that money to work for you today!

The Conley Financial Group specializes in financial services
for women professionals and women business owners.  Our services focus on financial and investment characteristics unique to women. 


Typically, women live an average of six years longer than men. Consequently, women need to accumulate more money for retirement than the average male. Women on average tend to earn less than men.  Beyond having less cash available for investments, earning less also often results in thinner pensions, smaller social security payouts, and fewer benefits.

When it comes to financial services  and investing, some advice is applicable without regard to gender: start early, contribute to your 401(k) or IRA, control your expenditures, and make investing a habit. However, there are critical differences between men and women that should be considered when making financial decisions.

Given the fact that life expectancies, compensation levels, and investing styles can be different for men and women, planning should be tailored specifically for women.

We'll help you plan for the accumulation and growth of your assets; protect against risk; and pass on the fruits of your success to the loved ones you choose.

Products include:

     Individual and Family Protection
     Group Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, Long-Term Care
     Annuities, Mutual Funds*
     Retirement Planning & Protection


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* Securities products and services are offered through the Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS), member NASD, SIPC.

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