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Kathy is a respected member of the U.S. Bank Women in Leadership organization, National Organization of Women in Business, the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce and a host of other affiliates.


The Conley Financial Group offers a comprehensive range of services.

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Financial Services For Women
Today's active woman may find herself heavily involved in her business affairs and family life.  Many do not have the opportunity to sit down with an experienced consultant to look at and plan their affairs is a valuable benefit.  Thus, many women tend to neglect many areas in financial services
 such as pension provision and investments.

Click Here to learn more about taking control of your finances.  The Conley Financial Group specializes in financial services for women.

Business Investment
The success of a business, whether it's a tiny enterprise run out of a basement or a large corporation, is largely dependent on hard work and ingenuity. However, no matter how industrious you are, one disaster can wipe out all your profits and even destroy your business. The key to making sure that all the effort and money you have invested in a business doesn't disappear when a disaster strikes is to protect it with the appropriate insurance.

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Estate Planning
As the earning power of women increases, many high earners today find themselves lacking adequate estate planning to protect what matters to them most -their families.  Protecting your family means protecting the assets that secure their future.

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